Fulvii Flacci and Hostilii Mancini added to the chart

Here is an updated version of the chart based on the work of this Summer. Fulvii Flacci and Hostilii Mancini have found their way to the chart now. Also there are many smaller updates and changes. This version will be the most current one for some time onwards, even perhaps until August 2015.

August 3rd 2014 version: Fulvii Flacci and Hostilii Mancini added.

August 3rd 2014 version: Fulvii Flacci and Hostilii Mancini added.

And again, this is work in progress, so there are bound to be mistakes and inaccuracies. Each time I update the chart I try to put some effort into making it more clear and easier to use, but that is of secondary priority untill all families are there, so it will look a bit messy for some time still.

As it is now, the chart contains approximately between 50 – 75 % of the families and individuals of the final chart. During the next year or so I will make preliminary research of the remaining families:
Licinii Crassi
Livii Drusi
Lutatii Catulli
Marcii Philippi
Marcii Reges
Mucii Scaevolae
Papirii Carbones
Pompeii Magni
Popillii Laenates
Porcii Catones
Postumii Albini
Quinctii Flamini
Servilii Caepiones
Servilii Vatiae
Sulpicii Galbae
Valerii Flacci
Valerii Messallae

The chart already contains some of these families or parts of them, so not all of them will be totally new.