O Brother, where art thou?

Only known pair of brothers as consuls happened at 179 when Q. Fulvius (Q.f. this time) Flaccus and L. Manlius Acidinus Fulvianus were consuls. Interestingly at previous year 180 their cousin Q. Fulvius Flaccus had been as consul suffectus, so during these years the Fulvii were at the peak of their influence.

Consulship was not only extraordinary aspect in Q. Fulvius’s career. He also tried while as curule aedile to candidate for praetor suffectus and campaigned without white toga, which created a scandal at its time at 184. He also earned two triumphs, was elected censor and established a temple for Fortuna Equestris.

For the temple he used marble tiles from existing temple of Juno Lacinia, and this caused also a scandal. After his death by suicide, the senate voted the marbles to be returned to the original temple and considered Q. Fulvius to be impius.

Of the other brother and reasons behind his adoption by L. Manlius Acidinus we know much less. He was also a successful military commander recieving an ovation, but his career after consulship we know nothing.