About the blog

Late republican era Roman nobility is the focus of my historical research. More spesific I’m interested in the culture of Roman nobility. Questions like how families secured their position in the society, how they compeated against each other and how the cultural-social system worked are integral part of my research activities. At theorhetical level I’m much interested in the interaction between culture and individual: how culture restricts the choices available for individual and on the other hand how individuals can change the culture.

I claim that one cannot understand the reasons behind – the why – the events of late republican era Roman history without understanding the culture of the ruling nobility, because their decisions were made at their own cultural context. For example much debated big mystery of Roman history: how republic turned into empire, is not a difficult question to answer if one looks from the perspective of nobility.

These are example of themes you’ll find from this blog.

All comments, suggestions and ideas for primary or secondary sources are much appreciated.

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