The chart of the Roman noble families of late republican period, version 1.1

Great news! The big chart of the Roman noble families of late republican period has now reached version 1.1!

This is a major upgrade from the last version 1.0 that was published at September 2016.

There are numerous smaller fixes and updates, but also major updates on many families, as well as addition of the last families included in the project, to the chart.

The families with most updates include:
-Aemilii Paulli
-Atilii Serrani
-Aurelii Cottae
-Claudii Marcelli
-Claudii Pulchri
-Cornelii Dolabellae
-Cornelii Scipiones
-Cornelii Sullae
-Domitii Ahenobarbi
-Fabii Maximi
-Junii Silani
-Licinii Crassi
-Licinii Getae
-Licinii Murenae
-Manlii Capitolini
-Marcii Philippi
-Marcii Figuli
-Marcii Regi
-Marcii Censorini
-Mucii Scaevolae
-Porcii Catones
-Pupii Pisones
-Scribonii Libones
-Sempronii Gracchi
-Tullii Cicerones

The chart now contains about 1800 individuals (and no, I haven’t counted them, this is just an estimation) and has reached the extent planned for the project.

The next version of the chart will be 2.0, which will have updated visuals for inter-family connections making them easier to read. This update work will take considerable time.

The family trees of late republican era Roman families

The main family chart version 1.1: Late republican era Roman noble families with filiation and inter-family relationships illustrated as well as information about individuals themselves.

You can see the full resolution image here.