The chart of the Roman noble families of late republican period, version 1.0

Big news! I have reached version 1.0 of the main family chart.

There has been multitude of updates and changes since the last big version was published here in May 2015:

-I have converted nearly all families present in the May 2015 version into new format which is both more pleasing to the eye as well as easier to read with much more information about each individual.

-There has been really many updates, edits and correction of errors in many families that were on the earlier versions of the chart.

-I have added information from MRR into all individuals of the chart, so now everything except those individuals which are still in old chart visuals are based on data of both RE and MRR, making it easy to identify individuals.

-I have also added some last families into the chart.

The road ahead from now on will concentrate into three areas:

1) Bringing last old visual format families into new format. This will include some additional research.

2) Researching some additional families. During the course of producing the version 1.0 I have become convinced that I need to add still some families into the chart to make it a coherent view into the late republican Roman nobility. Not all additional families will have many, or even one consul during the 150-50 period, but they still are important enough for the big picture.

3) Developing visual upgrade for version 2.0. The version 2.0 will include clearer visuals for inter-family relations. It will be a major piece of work and I’d except to start it at earliest next Summer, but it might take even longer than that just to reach into version that will serve as basis for version 2.0.

After the chart reaches version 2.0 I except it to remain as such only with some upgrades into data (filiation etc.) as my research continues deeper into each family. That is why this version 1.0 is so significant: in many ways it marks the half-way mile post in my project.

You can access the full-resolution version of the chart by clicking the here.


The main family chart version 1.0: Late republican era Roman noble families with filiation and inter-family relationships illustrated as well as information about individuals themselves. Click here for full resolution image.