Family trees updated version

I now took time to publish an updated version of the major family tree chart. Last time I published the major chart back in August and since then a lot of updates have taken place. I constantly update small details in the chart from adding new individuals into it to making visual adjustments like adding colours and trying to arrange the families and individuals as clearly as possible. These little updates are too numerous to list in any comprehensive way.

However there are some major updates, adding whole families or family groups into the chart. These additions compared to August 2014 version are:

Licinii Crassi
Licinii Luculli
Livii Drusi
Lutatii Catulli
Manlii Torquati
Marcii Censorini
Marcii Figuli
Marcii Philippi
Marcii Reges

family trees may 2015

Family trees of major consular families of the late Roman republic.

Current version holds about two thirds of the families of the final version. The remaining families to be added to the chart at my list are:

Mucii Scaevolae
Papirii Carbones
Pompeii Magni
Popillii Laenates
Porcii Catones
Postumii Albini
Quinctii Flamini
Servilii Caepiones
Servilii Vatiae
Sulpicii Galbae
Valerii Flacci
Valerii Messallae

Some of these families or parts of them are already in their preliminary version at the chart.

Currently the chart holds about 1100 individuals, so it is getting to be pretty good general look into consular families of late republic. With perhaps 500 individuals more in the chart when it’s ready, the final chart will be a massive collection of information about the most influental families in the late republic and their relationships.

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